Message from the Chair

We Need To Act Now!

Scientists predict that in 50 years global warming will affect every man, woman and child as sea levels rise and temperatures increase, all as a result of increasing emissions in the atmosphere, particularly CO2.

Roger Kennedy, CEO, RHKI Limited meets Princess Anne
Roger Kennedy, Technical Director and Chairman, RHKi Limited, is introduced to Princess Anne

The problem for the Earth right now is there are millions of petrol engines globally emitting CO2 – right now we have a big problem.

Whilst there are solutions such as fuel cells, electric vehicles and hybrid cars these technologies will take many decades to replace all petrol engines.

The problem is we are running out of time before the catastrophic effects of global warming starts having a major impact.

This is where RHKi can make a significant contribution to global warming because it is, as far as we are aware, the only known technology that can be retro-fitted to most petrol engines and has the ability to significantly reduce CO2 and NOx and possibly to cut millions of tons of CO2 emissions each year.

Roger Kennedy, Technical Director and Chairman, RHKi Limited

RHKi at the forefront of automotive emission control technology – helping our planet breathe.