RHKi in the UKTI Low Carbon Automotive Directory 2011

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UK Trade & Investment along with the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership have produced the UK Low Carbon Automotive Directory. The directory provides information on the capabilities of a range of UK companies and organisations involved in the low carbon automotive sector including RHKi, Toyota and Tesla.

UK Low Carbon Automotive Directory
UK Low Carbon
Automotive Directory featuring RHKi

This guide illustrates the UK’s full spectrum of low carbon automotive capabilities including companies from Advanced Materials & Fluids, Specialist Manufacturing, Engines & Engine Components, Transmissions & Drive Trains, Energy Recovery & Storage Systems, Electrical Recharging Infrastructure, Low Carbon Fuels, Emissions Control Systems, Integration & Power Management Systems, Design & Simulation Organisations, Monitoring & Evaluation Organisations, End of Life Vehicle Recycling and Fuel Cell Technology Companies.

As Margaret Porteous (Director of Advanced Engineering & Energy UK Trade & Investment) states “The low carbon automotive sector has made breath taking strides in recent years and now promises a new era of motoring which maintains performance, increases efficiency and sharply reduces pollution, both in the manufacture and operation of vehicles” and goes on to say “ The UK automotive industry spends around £1 billion per year in research and development in the UK and more than 20 of our universities are engaged in basic automotive related research, with substantial support from the UK government”.

The guide not only categorises and list companies involved in the low carbon automotive sector but also provides a convenient matrix of UK low carbon automotive capabilities.

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