RHKi win TSB Collaboration Grant

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RHKi has won a prestigious Technology Strategy Board TSB collaboration grant to bring its prototype Emission Control technology to market.

RHKi win prestigious TSB Collaborative Grant
RHKi win prestigious TSB Collaborative Grant

Emission control on vehicles is becoming more and more tightly regulated as governments across the globe understand the connection between emission and global warming. Within Europe emissions of Nitrogen oxides , Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide and particulate matter are controlled and tighter emission limits are set to come into place year on year.

These step changes in performance requirements coupled with other regulatory changes presents a clear commercial need to continue to develop emission control technologies. Carbon Dioxide reduction is a key driver in the automotive market fueled by the twin requirements of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and offering Customers reduced fuel consumption in the face of spiraling costs. Work with market leaders has emphasised the need for new technology to address these issues.

The RHKFAME (Fuel Air Mixing Engineering) project introduces the use of pre-combustion technology for premixed charge petrol internal combustion engines. The technology has been designed to reduce vehicle emissions and improve fuel economy by improving the air to fuel mixture quality before injection into the cylinder.

The long term research and development project includes along with RHKi two other highly innovative companies and guidance from a world leader in automotive engineering. The project includes an end-user partner in the automotive industry and is expected to deliver a unique working technology capable of delivering improved emissions, reductions in fuel consumption and a is fully compatible with other carbon reducing technologies.

The principle innovation in the project resides in the unique combination of the critical enabling technologies and expertise from the project team members.