Professor Wyszynski

RHKi uses some of the best people in the automotive emission control technology arena to vindicate and validate its technological developments. This includes many eminent professors and includes Professor Wyszynski of the University of Birmingham. Professor Wyszynski MEng PhD Warsaw; MSAE, MSIMP is Professor of Novel Vehicle Technology and Applied Thermodynamics, Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham. He joined Birmingham from Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) and used his expertise on the border of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering to create the research activity in on-board fuel reforming with exhaust gas from internal combustion engines. He created the Future Power Systems Group which is now widely recognised as leaders in application of this technology to HCCI, diesel engines and bio-fuels.

Professor Wyszynski is a Trustee and Member of the Council of the Society of Automotive Engineers in the UK, also a Fellow and Chief Executive to the UK of the European Scientific Society of Powertrain and Transport KONES.

Research Projects include:

  • Controlled Homogeneous Auto-ignition Supercharged Engine (CHASE) EPSRC/DTI Link Project in the Foresight Vehicle Programme
  • HCCI modelling (Jaguar Cars)
  • Thermal Management of HCCI (Jaguar Cars)
  • Bio-fuels for Clean and Efficient Engine: Enabling Controlled Autoignition Combustion Technology by Fuel Reforming (The Carbon Trust)
  • Fuel Reforming for HCCI Gas Engine (Johnson Matthey)
  • Controlled Homogeneous Auto-ignition Reformed Gas Engine CHARGE (EPSRC/DTI Link  Project in the Foresight Vehicle Programme)
  • Low temperature Reforming of Natural Gas for IC Engines with EGR (EPSRC, Rover, Johnson Matthey)