RHKi Exhibit at AutoExpo 2010

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RHKi created quite a stir at the AutoExp2010 held in New Delhi, India. RHKi had been invited by UK Trade and Investment to exhibit its world leading, emission control technology along with some of the World’s largest automotive manufacturers at this prestigious event.

Sir Andrew Cahn CEO, UKTI, David Croxon, SMMT and Roger Kennedy CEO, RHKi
Sir Andrew Cahn CEO, UKTI, David Croxon, SMMT and Roger Kennedy CEO, RHKi discuss the major benefits India will see with adoption of the emission control technology developed by RHKi Limited

Supported by the UK Government, RHKi has been chosen to show case its low carbon technology as one of six companies, along with Bentley Motors, who will be represent some of the most advanced low carbon technology the UK has to offer. It was evident that the technology on offer from RHKi offered Indian manufacturers a simpler and lower cost method of achieving European emission standards. Sir Andrew Cahn Chief Executive UKTI and Sir Richard Stagg of the British High Commission both met with Roger Kennedy CEO, RHKi offering assistance and congratulating RHKi on developing a solution that would not only help Indian manufacturers meet new emission standards but would save lives too.

RHKi offers the Indian automotive market a more cost effective and simpler way of meeting the stringent European emission standards that are starting to be introduced. These technologies include the RHK1 and RHK2 which will reduce CO2 by up to 10%, reduce NOx by up to 40%, improve fuel consumption by up to 10%, increase torque by up to 20% and increase BHP by up to 10%. And these technologies are available today.

India is the second largest two-wheeler market in the world, the fourth largest commercial vehicle market in the world, the 11th largest passenger car market in the world and it is expected to be the seventh largest by 2016. For more information on AutoExpo 2010 please visit www.autoexpo.in