RHKi Exhibit at the Low Carbon Vehicle Show 2009

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RHKi created a real buzz at the Low Carbon Vehicle Show held at Millbrook Proving Ground.

RHKi and Bentley
Roger Kennedy, Technical Director and CEO of RHKi greets Lee Bateup, Advanced Vehicle Technologies Specialist, Bentley prior to a ride in the RHKi demo vehicle.

Exhibiting their RHK1 and RHK2 technologies RHKi showed the conference how this innovative, unique and patented pre-combustion technology can reduce vehicle emission, improve fuel economy, BHP & torque.

Interest came from all quarters including Bentley, Ford and PACCAR.

” The vehicle manufactures were very interested in our test results, particularly the 10% reduction in CO2 shown by test results obtained at Millbrook Vehicle Emission Laboratories” said Roger Kennedy, Technical Director and CEO.

“Combine this with the ability to simply integrate the technology into an existing engine means the RHK1 and RHK2 provide a unique opportunity for vehicle manufacturers to reduce their vehicles carbon impact”.